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Searching for something different?

Not wanting just another ordinary tour in Croatia? Tired of typical hotel accommodation, staff you don't see, guides who don't remember your name, time scheduled trips?

You are in the right place, we have exactly what you need!

Lion Queen Charter can provide you with a special treatment in our Villas or Yachts which will make your holidays unforgettable.

The accommodation is just yours in this holiday package where you will have staff at your service 24/7. We will organize everything, and make sure you have all you need.

  • You need coffee? Already on your table!
  • Hungry? Dinner is on the table!

FRANCES TOUR pgs 1 3 127a8673 27We want you to relax, there is somebody else in charge for all the other things. During your stay your hosts are at your disposal for everything you need and you will surely feel at home.

Croatian beauties are too numerous to put them in only one holiday and that's why we have created different programmes.
You can go on a National Park Tour with us, Castles and Towers Tour, Small Towns Tour or some other arrangement from our offer.
You can also organize team building stay or a relax stay in a Villa.
And of course, your own ideas for arrangements are very welcomed!
Another interesting programme we offer is: cruise + land tour. A perfect way to explore the diversity of Croatia – cruising down our beautiful coast and islands, going to the villa and doing land tour programmes (or reverse).

We are here to create for you your own holiday and personalize it according to your desires.
All it takes is to name places you want to visit or just the kind of the holiday you want to do and we will make a perfect package tour for you.

Depending of the type of holiday you choose, our LQC representative is going to be with you all the time. (S)he will make sure that all your expectations are fulfilled and that you have everything you need.

P.S. It is always a good idea to have a person with you with whom you can feel secure about everything.


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  • Because we want to offer you holidays which we also want to do!
  • We created these arrangements as if we were forming them for ourselves.
  • We want to offer you holidays you deserve: stress-free, with no heavy thoughts, hurry and dissatisfaction.
  • After this holiday we want you to have your batteries recharged and of course to see you again!
  • We want you to remember these holidays and your Villa for a long time and also to remember Croatia for its beauty and Croatian people for their hospitality.



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  • Extensive experience gained over many years of performance in nautical and land tourism acknowledged by numerous business awards in Croatia
  • Creativity and detailed itineraries of all tours which bear LQC's seal for their uniqueness
  • LQC's well-known ingenuity is evident in the organization of all our tours
  • Luxurious villas
  • Rich gastronomic offer
  • Being owners of our facilities, we guarantee the high quality of all components of our offer
  • Excellent references
  • At least one professional LQC agent present and at your disposal 24/7[/col]

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  • guaranteed land departures
  • family holidays
  • group arrangements
  • team building / incentive programs
  • mini tours
  • weddings and the other celebrations
  • combined arrangements: tours & cruise
  • making your own unique routes for land tours

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The only thing left for you to do is to choose the perfect holiday for you.

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